Was it really Christy?

It was Christy’s first outdoor game today playing on her competitive soccer team. It was also her first go at playing offense. At one point I was fiddling with my camera, and then looked up just in time to see a shot go past the other team’s goalie. Who exactly made the shot was unclear to me, although Christy was in the vicinity. Could it be? Was it her? She wasn’t celebrating, so I didn’t dwell on it. But at the half, I walked over to Donna, and her smile confirmed what I was hoping. She really did it. I was (am) one proud dad.

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1 Response to Was it really Christy?

  1. Sue Gomes says:

    Yes, Christy really did do it! I saw it first hand and it was a great goal – effortless. You should be proud. Christy is an awesome soccer player and a pretty terrific little girl.

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