The ups and downs of football

The game was a few weeks ago, but we’ll remember this one as being lousy all around. Above – Eric (#22), playing Safety, gets burned as Edgewood hauls in a pass for another touchdown. The Townies suffered too many injuries in that game. Many parents were pointing to one Edgewood player who appeared “big for his age.” He may have been involved in all four injuries that put our boys out of action (all resulted in hospital visits).

The following week, last week, the boys regrouped and played much better. It was a loss, but you could see their confidence coming back. New coaches also brought something new to their game.

Eric prepares to haul one in on a boot play. It was his best game yet, but the Warwick Patriots outlasted them in the end.

Eric returns a kickoff against the Warwick Patriots. Personally, I was happy to see this first-year player have the wherewithal to make the catch, and then look for blockers.

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