There’s always next year (but this year was still awesome).

There’s always next year for a state championship, but it was this year that Eric impressed his coaches with a very good rookie season. The team took it on the nose last weekend with a 0-27 loss to Edgewood, which ended the season for the East Providence Junior Townies (JPRed). But Eric showed promise all season long, with decent kickoff returns, tackles, a reception, and a 45-yard touch down run during a game in Connecticut. My favorite play has to be the tackle he made on the first play of his very first football game. The photo of that play is somewhere “further down” in this blog, and it’s a moment that I will remember – and cherish – until the end of my days. The photo below is of Eric (#22) blocking would-be tacklers in this final game played in Cranston. It was fitting that it was this stadium where he made that first tackle, and it was here that he wrapped up the 2012 season some eight weeks later.

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