Business Tripping

Packing glass; Ann&Hope; flying laptop; nice flight; don’t need no help; car won’t start; car won’t turn off; going west not east; show us your junk; reflecting on a train; a plain plane; nothing to see here; cool fountains; just fountains; now THAT’S a fountain; it’s cold out here; it’s cold in here; that will be all, Will; suspended bridge; moving bridge; I’m moving; 24-300; can I keep it?; see the cows; see the cows haul ass; knock-knock, who’s over there; what was this?; a Hot Dog King; never mind; happening town; ice rink hysteria; 70 degrees; spoon and forking people; take a photo?; no take a photo; what she said; and what he said – a Hot Dog King; just forget it; site versus sight; I KNEW IT; no blueberries; 47 user preferences; pay attention; YOU pay attention; shy waitress; crazy waitress; a message for Will; damaging winds; oh hell no; early flight; F bombs away; no blueberries?; I WANT !@#% BLUEBERRIES; giant crack; camera lesson; biblical break; tight flight; can the pilot see; apparently; start my car (with confidence); back in the rut.


GreenvilleSC 30

GreenvilleSC 75

GreenvilleSC 89

About spencerlong

I'm a casual observer of things.
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3 Responses to Business Tripping

  1. Sue Gomes says:

    WTF! My head is spinning, but the scary thing is that I understood most of it.

  2. Donna Long says:

    Trippin’ is right! Nice shots.

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