Yesterday was a blah day. Cabin fever was thick in the air. And then I dropped a bombshell (as far as Eric was concerned). I announced that I was going to Walmart to purchase my very own BeyBlade. A wild-eyed Eric suddenly came to life, and so we were off to Walmart. I am now an official BeyBlader, and a very capable one at that.

For the uninitiated, a BeyBlade is a spinning top, usually made of metal and plastic. It will go through a windshield if thrown properly. But I digress. These things are simply the heavier, more metallic forebears of the “Battling Tops” of yesteryear. My point here? You don’t need exercise to remove the years – you need a toy.

Video highlights of the battle


Spencer’s new BeyBlade

Spencer vs. Eric

Spencer vs. Eric

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