I wonder…

Sitting on the couch, watching another good movie. In this case, The Life of Pi. I’m wondering whether Eric and Christy will ever drive by this this house 50 years from now and reminisce about how we would watch these movies together, so long ago. I’m hoping so. Maybe the kids will read this blog post and decide to make the drive over here, or flight, and maybe they’ll sneak a peek through the window at the strange new faces. And then they would think…

CRAP! Nigel wants to go out. brb.

Okay. I’m back. Where was I? Oh, yeah, so Eric and Christy would see a very different home, just not their home, not anymore. Not like it is now. Not like it was.

Will they think about these good times? I wonder.

About spencerlong

I'm a casual observer of things.
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