Some of the stuff I did…

…on my summer vacation.

storm.ponders spencer.vacation.2015 IMG_0244 model.boat-9 model.boat-15 sunset.ptjudith backyard.flower bigbangcannon-1 boomer.morning breachway-41 dino.chicken.bird fishingboat.departs flyingdogs-3 flyingdogs-6 flyingdogs-7 flyingdogs-8 his.hers.beach.chairs Narragansett.2015-1 Narragansett.2015-2 piros.perron.beachhouse-1 piros.perron.beachhouse-3 piros.perron.beachhouse-4 piros.perron.beachhouse-13 piros.perron.beachhouse-35 piros.perron.beachhouse-52 piros.perron.beachhouse-65 piros.perron.beachhouse-83 piros.perron.beachhouse-96 piros.perron.beachhouse-109 ugly.chicken.emu DaveCoffeeCharlestown-10_1_tonemapped

The End

About spencerlong

I'm a casual observer of things.
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